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F. A.Q's

We get asked a lot of the same questions over and over again.  Here are some of those questions!


1. Are some of your kids adopted?

     Yes!  We had four biological sons before we adopted our five Chinese children.

2. Are any of your adopted children biologically related?

     No, all of our kids came from different places in China.

3. Where are Elijah and Daniel?

     Elijah and Daniel are both serving as missionaries for our church.  Elijah is in Japan and Daniel is in Canada!

4. Do you homeschool?

     Yes, we homeschool all the kids and follow a child led learning approach.  We made a video about that here

5. How do you afford this lifestyle?

     We teach people about how to use plant oils or essential oils to take care of their health naturally using doTERRA Essential Oils.  We also help people do what we do!  If you are interested in getting some essential oils or doing what we do - check out the Essential Oils tab!

6. What religion are you?  How do you attend religious services wherever you are?

    We are Mormons or members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints . We attend church every Sunday and are able to find LDS services by looking here. 

7. What's wrong with Pearl's back?

    We answered this question in a vlog.  Check out our answer here!

8. What do you do about health insurance?

   We belong to a healthcare co-op called Christian Healthcare Ministries .  We explain how that works in this vlog.


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