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Clue 1:

We have a pack full of memories from voyages past

New adventures are calling and coming to you fast

Before you can go, clues you must collect

You’re assigned to a case, now go and select. 


Clue 2:

Now that your bags have everything in

You’ll soon be stowing them in the overhead bin

But before we head to the international gate

We’ll all pile in and ride interstate.   


Clue 3:

You’ve traveled high to a land far away

At the tops of the mountains is where you will stay

Legends tell of a mythological spirit

Hiding in rocks, though the natives don’t fear it. 


Clue 4:

You’ve found your Apu, now it’s time to learn more

A ten thousand year culture, so much to explore. 

They used blankets as money, worth more than gold

Brightly colored and soft, worn by royals of old. 


Clue 5:

Wrapped up in warm textiles this culture endears.

There’s so much to smell, taste, and delights for the ears.  

Quiet your mind and listen closely to the sounds of the land

For your ears will guide you to the next clue at hand.

Clue 6:

With music from Spain and Africa too

There are thousands of birds to sing songs to you.

Look up to the treetops and there you might find

The king of all birds, the largest of it’s kind.  


Clue 7:

Though the canopy above is as dense as can be

Make sure to look below, there’s so much to see

With ten million species this space is not small. 

So much life here, the ground may seem to crawl. 


Clue 8:

The story of this land is woven together.

By the fur of this camelid, soft as a feather. 

From hats, gloves, and sweaters of every kind 

To the rug on the floor, a place to unwind. 


Clue 9:

You’ve only begun to understand the wonder of this place.

And the sites you’ll visit, the steps you will trace. 

Your tickets have arrived, now it’s time to discover 

The postman has delivered, it’s yours to uncover. 

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